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Process skills

6th grade Investigation Lessons

7th grade Do Nows

8th grade Do Nows

7th grade Do Nows Part 1

During the first 5 minutes of each period the students are supposed to get their notebooks, sharpen their pencils and begin working on the Do Now assigned for that day.  Do Nows are also called Bell Ringers or Class Starters.

I do not have students glue the Do Now's into their notebook.  They are folded and kept in their Hot Pocket to the used each day.  On Friday, red pens are passed out to students and they grade their own paper with me walking them through it.  Typically, with the date and questions there are 20-25 items to check.  Students are awarded 4-5 points for each check.  Then they turn in the paper for me to record in the grade book.

The first several weeks, I use the Language of Science paper, which is found in the Beginning of School section for the Do No.  Students are to answer 2 each day.